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Monday, 20 July 2015



 Jumpsuit: ASOS | Jacket: Vintage | Converse: ASOS

Like pretty much every other person on the planet, denim is a staple in my wardrobe, something I wear pretty much erry-single-day in some way, shape or form. I tend to be a bit of a basic bitch with my denim choices - jeans, jackets, dresses etc... until now that is... welcome to my wardrobe denim dungarees! Well, it's more of a jumpsuit but I love me some alliteration, so we'll refer to them as dungaz for the purpose of this blog post - mmmkay?! I'm also bang into frayed denim at the mo', I just can't get enough of those raggedy-ass-edges. So, basically what I'm trying to say is they couldn't be more up my street if they tried. Denim dungaz ILYSM <3

Lorra love,
Carms x

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Dress: ASOS | Boots: Topshop (similar here) | Bag: Vintage

Chartreuse has to be one of my all-time fave colours and one you don't see very often, so as soon as my little eyes spied this drop dead gorgeous suede number, I had to make it mine! It fits like a glove, is surprisingly comfy and needs minimal styling - an all-round winner! It looks perf styled up with my Topshop snakeskin (faux, obvs) boots, vintage LV backpack and a red lip. It also comes in an equally as gorgeous Terracotta colour, which I'm so going to make mine! 

Anyway... just a quick one as I'm still hanging from the #VansxEK party Abs and I went to last night, to celebrate the new Eley Kishimoto x Vans collab, which launch on ASOS v.soon! I got the sickest pair of EK Vans, which I'll be styling up on here very soon - so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Lorra love,
Carms x

Tuesday, 7 July 2015



Dress: Motel Rocks via ASOS | Jacket: Topshop | Boots: Dr Martens | Hat: Vintage

Top: Rat & Boa | Jeans: ASOS | Belt: Warehouse | Headpiece: Tallulah Minxy

Dress: Beyond Retro | Boots: Dr Martens | Floral Garland: Topshop Concession

Well hello there!

I'm back from Glastonbury, still in one piece (just about), having had one of the best weekends of my entire life - that sounds massively over-exaggerated but believe me it's totes true! I thought that I would come back down to reality with a huge bang but over a week has passed since I returned and I think my 'Glasto bubble' is still very much intact :) 

As promised in my previous post - here's a quick run down of what I wore whilst living it up on Worthy Farm. I totally over-packed, as I always do, even though I had a vague idea of what I was going to wear each day. I'm a fashion obsessed girl after all - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I wore #mydreamvintagedress on the last day, which the gorge gals at Beyond Retro hooked me up with especially for my trip to Glasto - amazing or whut?! I also managed to rock an array of suede, lace-up, fringing, tie-dye and glitter galore - standard festival attire ey! We had amazing weather for majority of the festival, so most of my clothing was minimal - I've come back to London suitably bronzed, with a few god awful tan lines unfortunately :( 

I cannot recommend it enough! It is, hands down, the best festival in the world! Like I said, you live in a bubble of happiness for 5 days, everyone's on the same vibe and you get to see some of the greatest musicians of all time (shout out to Kanye - f**k the haters bbz). 

Until next year Glasto <3

Lorra love, 
Carms x

Beyond Retro are running an amazing comp throughout July, where you can win a £250 shopping spree in one of their London stores (hellooo dream vintage dresses AND shoes AND accessories), plus an overnight stay at The Hoxton London - errr how freaking amazing is that! Head over to to enter! Can we go halfies if you win? ;)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Dress: Zara (similar here) | Belt: Warehouse | Boots: Topshop (similar here)

Hiya loves! 

This is going to be a super quick one, as I'm all packed and ready to head out the door... I'm only off to bladdy GLASTONBURY this morning!! I can't quite contain my excitement ...but imma try to hold it together for a few mins, as I wanted to get a new outfit post up before I head off to Worthy Farm (aka my spiritual home - you know the drill!). 

I've only gone and added yet another denim dress to my ever growing collection - oops! I'm a little bit in love with this Zara number I got my hands on a few weeks ago. It's definitely ticking all my boxes right now - 70's inspired, denim, form-fitting, easy to style - the list goes on! I styled it up with my fave Topshop leopard print booties, which I've had for years but only just rediscovered during a trip up North to my parents and my gorge new suede, plaited Warehouse belt.

I'll be spamming my Insta (@carmenmwood) with Glasto pics aplenty - give me a follow if you fancy a little nose! 

Lorra love,
Carms x

Thursday, 18 June 2015


So I'm off to Glastonbury in less than a week… can I get a whoop whoop?! I can’t even put into words how excited I am – I literally think about it at least once every three seconds – I’m spending my days virtually planning outfits, daydreaming about raving it up down The Rabbit Hole and I’ve got butterflies like a kid on Christmas Eve! I've said it before and I'll say it again - Worthy Farm is my spiritual home! I bladdy love the place <3

As I mentioned, I’ve been non-stop outfit planning for weeks and I’ve finally found the perfect festival ensemble – weather permitting of course – I have my fingers and toes crossed for a repeat of the Glasto ’13 heatwave! That would be the absolute dream!!

I’ve fallen in love with this suede jacket from Esprit and then basically based my whole outfit around that! I’m thinking of going pretty simple this time round – lots of suede, stripes, denim ...and of course my trusty, battered Chucks! I also plan on rocking a neckerchief or two whilst I’m there – the perfect Glasto attire!

Tee: Esprit | Jacket: Esprit | Vintage Levi's: Beyond Retro | Converse: Schuh | Bag: Esprit | Neckerchief: Urban Outfitters

I’m off to a very exciting Beyond Retro Blogger Brekkie next week, where the lovely Plum has promised to find me ‘my dream vintage dress’ – so exciting! Definitely going to use this as an opportunity to nail another Glasto outfit – yaasss!! Perfectly timed or whut?!

...then the rest of my time there will most probably be spent covered in glitter, feathers and dressed like a Unicorn :)

I’ll be documenting the whole thing over on my Instagram account (@carmenmwood), if you fancy a gander at what I'm getting up to whilst there. Be sure to check back for my Glasto OOTD posts – they’ll be coming your way v.soon!

Lorra love,
Carms x 

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Jacket: Monki (similar here) |  Top: Boohoo | Skirt: Warehouse | Hat: Warehouse | Boots: F&F (similar here)

So my obsession with anything and EVERYTHING lace-up / lattice continues to grow - I just cannot get enough! Thanks to Gucci, lace-up is a HUGE trend this Spring/Summer *insert person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration-emoji here* and in every highstreet store at the mo'. I got my latest lattice fix from Boohoo when I purchased both this little black number AND the cream version (I just couldn't help myself) ...I did manage to stop myself buying a third in the brick red colour though (pat on the back for me). They're so on trend, super easy to style and I've been wearing them non-stop ever since I bought them. I have a list as long as my arm of gorgeous 70's inspired lace-up pieces I want to get my hands on for Glastonbury, which by the way, is only a few weeks away eeekkkk!! I'll be taking my camera along with me to shoot festival OOTD's and to vlog it in it's entirety, but in the meantime why not check out my Glasto vlog from a couple of years back #shamelessplug #sorrynotsorry

Lorra love,
Carms x 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Denim Jacket Dress - Warehouse | Neckerchief - Beyond Retro (similar here) | Backpack - Warehouse | Sandals - Topshop

Ohh heeyyy!! How y'all doin'? Feeling the need to type in a Southern American accent to tie in with the Home-on-the-Range-esque look I went for at the weekend LOLz. I spent my Sat'dey at BeautyCon (a big ol' beauty convention full of MAJOR YouTuber playaaaz #IBreathedTheSameAirAsTylerOakley) with my baby gal Sian - so much fun!! ...and got to hang out with some of my internet / now IRL friends - namely two of the biggest babes EVER Mary & Grace. The four of us went for some food, a much needed glass of prosecz & a mooch around Westfield after the event, which was laaavly! Being at BeautyCon, surrounded by some of the biggest bloggers & vloggers in the business has made me massively want to step up my YouTube game, so stay tuned for more (hopefully better quality) content from moi v.soon!

Back to the outfit... I'm literally obsessed with this Warehouse denim duster-coat-come-dress atm - like SRSLY OBSESSED! I haven't had it off my back since I bought it around a month ago, although this was the first time wearing it buttoned up as a dress. I styled it up with some tan suede accessories (shock horror) and a vintage neckerchief, which I wore in my huuurr in my last post - totes versatile!

Happy hump day y'all, see you in my next post!

Lorra love,
Carms x

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